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Herbal Treatment for Psoriasis,Eczema,Dry skin etc.

Most of the Western people believe in Allopathic treatments for Psoriasis, Eczema(Atopic Dermatitis), Dry skin  conditions etc., though they are not fully satisfied with its results. We,in
India follow Ayurvedic treatment which is more than 5000 years old for treating skin diseases like PSORIASIS, ECZEMA, DRY SKIN  and many more such skin related ailments
with full results  and satisfaction.

I have formulated a very unique  Herbal skin cream  called MRUDULA  for treating the above problems with utmost result. The herbal product works as an instant SKIN REPAIRING AGENT, hence, it cures skin problems like :

  •  Facial pimples
  •  Facial Black & Acne marks
  •  Dry & Cracked Feet, Lips
  •  Heat Rashes
  •  Mosquito & other Pest Allergies
  •  Post Chickenpox marks
  •  Feet Corns, Common itches
  •  Fungal Infections
  • Herpes
  • Burns
  • Ice Frost  .....etc.
This wonderful skin cream can be used for Face to Feet skin diseases with out any side effects. This product is prepared out of very safe herbal ingredients followed by Ayurveda
since ages.

How it works : On application of the herbal cream MRUDULA it penetrates deep inside the skin and helps to repair the damaged/dead cells and regenerates healthy cell very fast. This starts functioning  as early as 72 hours to 7 days and the patient starts feeling free from the itches without leaving any scars on the  affected area of the skin. This is a great Breakthrough in the treatment of  worst & irritating skin problems with safe herbal medicines.

Since last 20 plus years I have treated/cured several hundreds of sufferers of  the above skin diseases. My patients call it a Magical cream  seeing the speed with which it works on their skin problems.  My motto is to see a Psoriasis,Eczema,Dry skin FREE world  for ever.
I am willing to extend my cooperation to all the sufferers as above.



  1. MRUDULA should rather be named "The Wonder Cream" :) I used this for my little son Joshua, who has now been completely recovered from his skin conditions like dry skin, psoriasis, etc.

    He has completely free from the itching over body and head sores which were prevailing from his birth and he is normal and active like other boys of his age and with proper hair growth.

    As parents, we were very concerned and disheartened due to his skin problems, which was declared incurable by most of the eminent dermatologists in Bangalore. Now, we all are very happy that Joshua is perfectly well after using the unique herbal treatment, which is so affordable comparing to other treatments. I have also gladly started recommending this herbal medicine "MRUDULA" to many of my friends who have problems with skin. I have seen various other types of skin problems disappearing after using this cream.

    The improvement in Joshua's skin could be seen from day 1 itself and within a span of 15 days his skin was like any other baby skin. :)

    My cousin who had white patches on his face and hands, used this cream and now, no patches on his face or anywhere else in his body. He is fine and happy that those horrible patches have gone.

    I will surely continue to recommend this cream to anyone I come across with any kind of skin problems.

    My best wishes and hearfelt thanks to Dr. Bhaskaran for making this wonderful cream, Mrudula!

    1. Hello,
      Thanks a lot for your heart-felt appreciation
      about Mrudula herbal skin cream.

    2. Hi everyone please tell me honestly if this cream has really cured skin problems. My 5 month old daughter has eczema and has been suffering alot and I am looking into buying this cream to see if it really does work. Please help me out kindly.

    3. Hi Tanya,
      I can assure you results for Mrudula skin cream. If you wish to buy kindly contact me
      at :
      for further details and guarantee.

    4. Hi
      I just wanted to know what I can use for my baby who is 5 months old and suffering from bad eczema and ittchiness can you please let me know what I can giv her

      Thank you

    5. Hi every body:

      Kindly use my new Email id : or for contacting me. I am not using my old id: and please do not write me to that id any more. Thanks.

  2. My family have been using Mridula for years, for almost any skin related conditions with guaranteed results. For burns, allergies, rashes, minor cuts, dry & flaky skin, insect bites, etc. Mridula has always worked wonders for us. We always 2 - 3 small containers at home in stock, for our own use & also to give to people who may really need it. It is also real value for money, since we do not have to try many expensive doctor prescribed creams. I heartily recommend Mridula for anyone with the above conditions.

  3. Hi,
    I have used Mrudula herbal skin cream for my chronic Dry
    skin problems and I got fully cured with in just 10 days.
    I must say that it is an amazing fast acting skin cream
    which I could recommend to any needy person with pleasure.

  4. Nice article on Psoriasis herbal remedies really its great post and i waiting your next post

  5. Hi I would like to try your cream.

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  6. Hi,

    Can you provide a sample?

    Saviour Ellul

  7. Hello Mr.Saviour Ellul,

    Ofcourse. Kindly send me your postal address to my mail id:


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  9. Hello, can you please email me with more information and the way to order without posting my personal information. My email Thanks

  10. The terms which you had given on the Herbal treatment for Eczema is really innovative which is good in natural cure, Thanks for the nice share..

  11. Hi,

    This is kousik I saw your blog.
    I have psoriasis last 7 to 8 years. Please let me know mrudula cream can work It can be reduce psoriasis??? because I'm bit tired & fed up please help me reduce this incurable diseases.
    My mail id is :-


  12. Hi,
    This s bala..Chennai...I'm having ps for last 4 yrs...i want to try your product please send the details to

    1. Sorry for the delay in responding. I will send you the details soon.

  13. I haven't heard of this medicine. But may be I can try this one for my psoriasis. I hope this will work for me.

  14. Nice post. Maybe I could that product for psoriasin skin disease.

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  15. hi,
    my son is 19mnths old. he is suffering from atopic dermatitis since birth. we are taking medicine from dr batra's homeopathy and also using elcon(steriodal cream). now when we stop using that cream then problem starts again. i would like to try your cream, but could u tell me is it safe for a 1 1/2 year toddler? and from where i can purchase this cream in chennai. my email id is

  16. Hi
    I'm having many skin patients including psoriasis, dermatitis, etc. Hope your product is as you are claiming.
    Kindly mail me the details on
    Or send me details and samples of all your product.

  17. Sir,

    My 2 year old son is suffering from Atopic Dermatitis. Overall his skin is dry and itchy. Also due to this problem his skin color has changed to dark and looks patchy. Is your product safe to use and can really solve these problems. Please reply. Where can i get your product in Gujarat.


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  20. Where can I buy the eczema herbal cream in the USA?

  21. hello sir
    your Mrudula multi propose cream can effective for corn / wart. and how it use for corn/ wart.

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  24. Hello Mr.Suresh,

    Please contact me at: or at 9442920228
    for sample purchse.

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  27. Dr. , Thanks for your effort towards the disease.
    The cause of Psoriasis is that anti bodies act against the skin cells itself. If it is so, it would be better if you could come up with medicines for intake so that it solves the disease permanently acting on blood level

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    How can i purchase Mrudula Cream in UK..

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