Thursday, 23 May 2013

Psoriasis and its treatment

Psoriasis is a big problem for those who suffer from that disease, and they also suffer with the emotional  problems because of the stigma attached to it.  Psoriasis is a disease which appears like silvery, or  white,or  red or black patches on the skin. In most of the cases, it may cause itching, especially during nights, or after sunset.  In a person in the normal case, the skin is replaced in four weeks time. But in the case of a psoriasis patient, the skin is replaced in days than weeks as thick layers in the form of plaques, in small to large in sizes, from person to person. The severity of this irritating disease may differ from mild, moderate to severe.

Where do these patches appear, you may wonder.
These patches usually appear on knees, elbows, face, backside of the neck, both sides of the hip, or in any other part of the body. As per my observation with various patients, I have noticed that it can appear in any part of the body. Initially it was started in the form of a simple dandruff on the scalp which gradually starts affecting other parts of the body as patches.  

If psoriasis is not treated in time it may go for years together and the patient will suffer with psychological problems, and may find it difficult in curing this problem. On the other hand, if proper treatment is given at the earliest, the patient is likely to be recovered completely, from this irritating disease.   He may feel depressed to face the people which will result in lack of self-confidence. So the earlier the treatment is given the better.

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  2. Hi,
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  3. Having a psoriasis skin disease is not that easy. I suffered a lot because of it. Good thing I found some treatment that suits me. Nice entry.

  4. I also found a solution for my psoriasis. It has filtered apple cider vinegar and it really works for me.

    1. My daughter is suffering from this disease in the head region will you please kindly give me the each minute details ..which you did to eradicate this disease

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  8. Psoriasis is really a big problem . and the people who suffer with the emotional problems because of the stigma attached to it. Psoriasis is a disease which appears like silvery, or white,or red or black patches on the skin it may cause itching, especially during nights, or after solve this problem you can buy cheap herbal remedies online it will surly help you

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  18. Psoriasis is a really stubborn disease. Homeopathic treatment can serve as an effective therapy for curing Psoriasis. The visible flakes can be a result of psoriasis. I tried dandruff treatment in homeopathy and its effective.

  19. Yes, you are right. Many people who got this disease for the first time the first question which strike in their mind is, what is psoriasis ? But there nothing serious about this disease because this is curable disease and you can manage psoriasis by taking its treatment. This chronic disease, there may be a time when your psoriasis symptoms get better if you take your treatment on correct timing .

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  22. I use Foderma serum exclusively on my feet - combination dry skin/psoriasis. Extremely moisturizing - absorbs quickly - no residual greasiness.